The Center for Stategic Proposal Development in the Office of the Vice President for Research provides strategic proposal development and grant writing assistance to all faculty and administrators developing internal and external proposals, including those involving multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research teams.

An experienced grant writer is available to provide a wide range of pre-awardservices.

  • Provide ongoing advice and assistance in developing specific proposal strategies and approach
  • Review, revise, edit, and format proposal narratives for clarity, organization, and readability and to ensure compliance with solicitation requirements
  • Coordinate proposal development meetings and help establish and monitor timelines (internal and external) for the proposal development process
  • Identify and evaluate potential funding opportunities
  • Identify and facilitate collaboration with potential partners for multi-disciplinary projects, and coordinate multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional proposals
  • Advise on the development of biographical sketches, mentoring plans, data management plans, support letters, and other supplementary documentation to maximize effectiveness and impact and to ensure compliance with funding agency guidelines.

To facilitate proposal assistance, investigators should be prepared to provide:

  • Adequate lead time to conduct a careful review of the proposal
  • Access to the electronic program announcement or RFP
  • Electronic drafts of proposal sections to be edited (MS Word preferred)
  • Review notes from previous submissions (as appropriate)

Investigators should schedule a proposal review well in advance of final submission dates.

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Contact Information:

For additional information and to schedule proposal development services, please contact: Dr. Nani Pybus, Ph.D.,CRA, Manager, Center for Strategic Proposal Development, 744-3660, or . To see Dr. Pybus' bio, click here.